How to play: Use the mouse to control the player in SMISMI.ONLINE game

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SMISMI.ONLINE is a cool multiplayer role-playing game unblocked at school. Not only that, it’s completely available to download and enjoy the new challenge on mobile devices. As in, you will start off with a dangerous slime and you need to take over the entire city as soon as possible.

Involve in the fun adventure in SMISMI.ONLINE free you are allowed to eat everything on the path! From buildings to houses, trees, cars, they and power-ups will provide a precious resource to help you enlarge and rank up. In other words, your mass will increase right after you consume those items. If you are big enough, you do not skip nearby opponents that you can swallow them. Therefore, you will be their dinner. Aside from rivals, you have to race against the clock. Try to achieve the highest score before the round ends! Are you ready to access the map and melt all? Good luck!

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