How to play: Move your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed up.

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In the world of game, you will roam your way through a big map as a cunning snake trying to kill all enemy snakes for a chance of ruling the arena. Like other Snake games, in this one, you also have to make the first basic step which is collecting orbs to get larger. Through over time, you will become bigger and stronger than ever. That’s when you will be able to finish off your opponents without using too much effort. You can make use of your big body to surround the enemy snakes, speed up to bypass them all and make them run into you as they have no ways to escape your attacks. There are many ways to kill your opponents, you can utilize the ones that fit your play style! Just remember: do not hit the body of a certain enemy or the border of the map, or else you will get destroyed! Will you become the biggest snake in the arena? Kick off the game now!

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