How to play: Your snake's movement will be directed by the mouse, and to speed it up, click anywhere.

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Slither your way through a huge island in unblocked! You will once again compete against new opponent snakes controlled by real players from around the world. Like, game also lets you start as a small snake roaming a huge map to search for foods. Once you have eaten them, your size will grow longer a bit. While you are still small, you should avoid coming into contact with other snakes if you are not ready to fight with them yet. But if you are, you can use your tricks and good strategies to make them crash into your body. You can speed up your snake to get away from dangers, but remember, if you do this much, your points will be decreased, and that means you have to collect more food. Don’t think about leaving the island since your snake is unable to swim. Try to stay alive until you hit the top of the leaderboard and become the best snake of all!

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