How to play: Use WASD for the movement, select a target using the left mouse, attack enemies using the spacebar, prone with key Ctrl and crouch with key C.

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About unblocked is an io game where players have to become stealth and take chances to kill each other. The arena in game is packed with enemies and bots. Once you have stepped into it, you must use your good strategies and tactics to murder all of them for a chance of winning. When you discover the map, always stay on guard because you can get eliminated anytime. You can aim at players and quickly stab them with your sword to wipe them out of the arena. But dealing with the bots is not easy like that as they have the same look. You must pay attention to them all the time. The perfect strategy you can follow is to blend yourself with the bots so other players cannot kill you. Don’t forget to save your stamina! Every time you do an action, it will run out a bit. You cannot make a move if your stamina is used up, so try to save it. Can you survive and rule the leaderboard? Much fun with game!

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