How to play: Use WASD or Arrows keys to move, 1-5 to choose weapons, Space to attack, C to craft, E to collect, M to open the map

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About Taaanks.io


Taaanks.io is a special 2d tank iO game. Aside from firing at the enemy, you are able to craft. Actually, it is a classic shooter with the gameplay different from TanksIO.online and more. Taaanks.io offers a cool real-time massively multiplayer battle where your survival ability will have the chance to be proved. So, the goal that you need to carry out when joining the coming match focuses on surviving and being the last standing man.

Remember that you are given one life in Taaanks.io free online only. There are no respawns. After launching combat, you should learn how to use your weapon. Roam throughout the area and search for crates. They hide guns, ammunition, mines, health kits, and upgrades. Break these boxes in Taaanks.io unblocked to collect items and do not forget to destroy obstacles if necessary! Especially, you can demolish your rivals to loot them. As mentioned above, you are allowed to gather resources and produce something your way. Have fun!

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