How to play: Use the mouse for moving around, click left mouse button to draw the line.

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About Terr.io


Terr.io is an amazing Multiplayer iO game that will keep you addicted. The game attracts so many players from around the globe, so you will have a chance to meet them and play with them. You will control your character and roam around the map for taking over more realms. You need to draw a line and try to close it so that the marked area belongs to you. Other enemies will make an attempt to get rid of you and seize your realms. Don’t let that happen! Don’t give them any chances to do so! All areas must be owned by you! If you get caught in the colored area of the enemies, your game will be over instantly. Be sure to use your tactics and excellent skills to destroy the foes and become the ultimate winner of the round. Let’s give this game a shot now and see how many territories you have conquered!

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