How to play: Move your hero using the mouse. Shoot enemies using the left/right mouse and use key Enter to chat.

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Are you in search of a new adventure io game to hone your skills? unblocked can be a good choice for you at the moment when it offers a wide range of challenges and an epic adventure in which you have to face against bots with real human opponents in a huge arena. free game puts you in the shoes of a wizard hero armed with strong abilities. You have to make your way through the map trying to deal damage to bots, wicked bosses, and other opponents that are doing the same task and willing to destroy you. When you pick up kills, you can upgrade yourself with extra abilities, like speed, defense, attack, power, damage, and healing. These abilities will make you stronger than ever. Also, you must earn more points from the kills to increase your rank on the leaderboard. Your biggest intention in game is to become the best hero ruling the whole leaderboard.

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