How to play: Use keys WASD to move. Click left mouse for shooting, jump with spacebar, reload with key R and use the mouse wheel scroll to change the weapons.

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About is an amazing Multiplayer Shooting game online taking you to an arena filled with various tough opponents from around the world. You will engage in a fierce battle against other players, so make sure you have your skills and tactics ready to deal with them. Try to take control of your character and make your way through a tricky maze. You are equipped with lots of powerful weapons that can be used to kill the enemies, but you should know how to use them wisely and more quickly in order to gain an edge over the foes. Whenever you catch sight of one, you must aim and shoot at him faster before he takes you out. Always stay focused on your fight, act quickly, use your reflexes and be sure to survive longer. Your main goal is to get to the highest rank on the leaderboard! Let’s give it a shot now! Good luck!

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