How to play: Use the left/right mouse buttons to speed up.

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About Worms.zone


Worms.zone is yet another clone of Slither.io! The game promises to take the snake genre game to the next level. In this awesome edition, you play as a little snake and you carefully make your way through the map trying to find a lot of animals dotted around on the floor then quickly eat them up to increase your size. Once you have reached a good size, you should go surround other snakes to wipe them out for more foods. You can make them crash into your body, speed up your snake to bypass them, block their pathway and kill them in a brutal way. Just be careful with their attacks at the same time! You must outplay them all using your excellent strategies. Also, don’t forget to collect more power-ups and utilize them for a better chance of winning. The goal of this Slither Style game is to become the most dangerous snake in the entire arena.

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